Mr. Nurul Islam B. Sc. is not only one of the leading businessmen and industrialists but also a renowned politician, philanthropist and social worker of Bangladesh. Most probably it will not be wrong at all to mark Mr. Islam as a workaholic person, whose endeavors and activities include also writing regular columns and features in different newspapers and magazines of the country besides bearing the heavy and toilsome burdens of the duties and responsibilities of his wide fields of business and social welfare.

He is the reputed author of a good number of books too. As a politician and public figure, Mr. Islam always throughout his life has shown his deep interest and eagerness to extend his generous hand of help and cooperation towards the distressed humanity. It in one of his lifelong dreams and ambitions to play the part of a pioneer in leading his country and nation towards the path of all out progress and self reliance. But as a real farsighted person, he assumed this bare truth too that the proper progress and self reliance of a totally backward and utterly poverty-stricken nation like the ours shall never be possible if it is not enlightened with the knowledge and education befitting to the present age.

Educational Institutions


Mr. Islam started to establish educational institutions one after another as the bright milestone of his remarkable benevolent and philanthropic activities. Already he has established near about one and a quarter dozen academic institutions in and around the city of Chittagong, ranging from primary school to colleges.

  • 1. Hazera Tozu Degree College, Chandgaon,
  • 2. Dilwara Jahan Memorial School & College.
  • 3. Nurul Islam Municipal Girls' High School, Chandgaon.
  • 4. Sanowara High School,Bakolia.
  • 5. Sanowara Islam Boys' High School, Chandgaon.
  • 6. Sanowara Islam Boys' High School, Chandgaon.
  • 7. Nur Sanowara Primary School, Chandgaon.
  • 8. Hafez Nagar Primary School, Bakolia.
  • 9. Nur Sanowara Primary School, Bakolia.
  • 10. Nurul Islam Andha Primary School, Baizid Bostami.
  • 11. Shakpura School Bhaban,Boalkhali.
  • 12. West Gomdandi High School Laboratory.
  • 13. Korerbag Primary School.
  • 14. Andha Hefzkhana, Etimkhana and Forkania Madrasha, Baizid Bostami.
  • 15. Sanowara Farm Primary School.

Religious Institutions


Though a strong believer in his own religious faith of Islam and a strict follower of Islamic rites and rituals regularly in his day to day life, but above all and undoubtedly, Mr. Islam is a non-communal personality, free from all types of religious dogmas and superstitions. He dreams of Bangladesh that where the followers of all the major religious of the world will continue to live together happily and peacefully without any contradiction and confrontation with each other.

  • 1. Madina Mosque, Jalalabad.
  • 2. Panchlaish Mosq e.
  • 3. Khatiber Hat Mosque.
  • 4. Kamaler Masjid.
  • 5. East Farider Para Mosque.
  • 6. Nurani Mosque,Chandgaon.
  • 7. Jame Ahmmodia Sunnia Madrasha.
  • 8. Janatar Mosjid, Bakolia.
  • 9. Chairman Ghata Mosque.
  • 10. Khalaisher Pukur Par Mosque.
  • 11. Building for Zanaja in Chaitanya Goli Graveyard.
  • 12. Durga Bari, Popadia.
  • 13. Milon Mandir.
  • 14. Shakpura Buddha Bihar.
  • 15. Jaishthapura Buddha Bihar.
  • 16. Many Mondir and Moth including Chandgaon Buddha Bihar.

Socio Econmic Institutions


Mr. Nurul Islam, Chief Executive of Sanowara Group honored with UN Day Awards 2002 for Cultural Heritage on International Year of Ecotourism. He has done tremendous job so far and hopes to do a lot more for the welfare of the society. He already has established many schools, colleges, religious institutions irrespective of castes and creeds, also set up tube wells in many areas so that people can get safe water to avoid water borne diseases. Above all he provides regular and time to time donations to many poor students in school, college & university levels. In future he hopes to establish an International Standard University in Chittagong, where Global Standard Subjects would be taught.

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